The Politics of Twitter

More and more politicians are discovering the power of Twitter:

Barack Obama If it weren’t for this President, most politicians probably wouldn’t be on Twitter. He made the service appealing to politicians by showing them that it’s a great way to establish a grassroots campaign. Currently, he has staffers tweeting for him, mostly discussing his policies in office.

Sarah Palin Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin joined Twitter last week. So far, she has updated her stream with tweets about what’s she doing with the family, issues facing Alaskans

And many more.

Should you, your small business or church be on Twitter?  Maybe (if you aren’t already), but it’s not for everyone.  Give us a call for some free advice!

Tweeting in Church?!

Tweet Tweet!

Tweet Tweet!

A growing number of churches are using ‘new media’ to connect people with each other, the church and God.  Here’s a recent article published in Time Magazine about the phenomena:

On Easter Sunday, pastor Todd Hahn prefaced his sermon by saying, “I hope many of you are tweeting this morning about your experience with God.”

“It’s a huge responsibility of a church to leverage whatever’s going on in the broader culture, to connect people to God and to each other,” says Hahn.

If worship is about creating community, Twitter is an undeniably useful tool. The trick is to not let the chatter overshadow the need for quiet reflection that spirituality requires. At Westwinds, people can ask questions about the sermon that the pastors will answer later, or they can tweet in real time and hope another congregant offers insight. Some use Twitter as a note-taking tool. Often, it’s pastor-directed, with McDonald preaching while Voelz taps out, “In what way do you feel the spirit of God moving within you?” Discuss.

Obviously, God’s message should never be comprimised, but it’s exciting to see churches and ministries using new ways to reach people with His awesome love!