Political Candidate Videos

I have done a few videos for candidates running for office in Arizona. Video is a great way to communicate to your audience because they can see you. If you aren’t using video in your political campaign, it’s time you start.

This is a video I did for Jesse Kelly who is running for Congress in Arizona’s District 8:

I love this video that Terri Proud did. I can only take partial credit. It was her idea and she did the video editing. I only added the music and let know about it. They picked it up because it’s a great concept and execution by Terri Proud. I also designed and work on her web site.

This is the first video I did for Ruth McClung who is running for Congress in Arizona’s District 7.

And this is the latest video I’ve done for the McClung campaign. Her opponant, the incumbant Raul Grijalva has called for a boycott of Arizona! Ruth says, Boycott Grijalva, not Arizona, Vote Ruth McClung:

I would love to shoot your next political or business video. I know I am a little bit different, but that’s what makes it fun. Go to my contact form and make contact. I’d like to help you reach your audience through online video.