Arizona to Join Suit Against Federal Government

Earlier today the Associated Press reported:

Arizona’s Democratic Attorney General Terry Goddard said Wednesday he won’t join lawsuits filed by other states’ attorneys general to challenge the federal health care overhaul, but Republican Gov. Jan Brewer plans to pursue a lawsuit even without Goddard’s involvement.

Tonight in Oro Valley we got news of how the Governor plans to do just that:


If Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano is right then Goddard has a point. At the same time, Arizona is still a red state and the Governor is following the wishes of the people, as well as her own convictions, no doubt.

It’s striking to me how the Democrats went ahead and passed Obamacare against a clear majority of the American people. Are they not concerned that now dozens of states are filling suit against the Federal Government?

As Al Melvin said in the video, America is still strong, but it is being pushed to the limit. This next election is another in a line of “most important elections” ever.

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